In our office we have a 55 inch monitor that we use to show you 3D models of your home. Both inside and out. We can also email you a final 3D model for you to open on your computer or phone. 

This is the first appointment free of charge! We tell you about our services. You tell us all about that dream home you have been planning.

Plot Plan

We will draw your home on the plat map of your land. You will know exactly where your home will be on the land that you have purchased. 

Here is the process for designing your home. All plans will have 3D capabilities. 


We will draw a 3D renderning of the outside of your home. Landscaping and all exterior features will be shown. 


Drawing and Designing

We start drawing your plans. We start with the main floor. You can make as many changes as you want. We will email you a pdf of your plan each time. After the main floor is perfect we will build and design the rest of the home. 


Idaho Home Design

Construction Documents

After your plan is the way that you want it we will complete all of the documents for you to be able to send your plans off to get bid and built.